Who we are

BEIGE is a Financial Services Provider.

We have four (4) distinct subsidiaries that provide Financial Services in BANKING, PENSIONS, INSURANCE and INVESTMENTS.

Each of our subsidiaries is a regulated entity and is further governed by an independent Board of Directors. BEIGE also has a Private Equity subsidiary that manages its Alternative Investments.

Following the successful incorporation of our subsidiaries since 2008, BEIGE was incorporated in 2012 as the holding firm to oversee our business units. The objective of this Holding Company is to allow us have a structure that would support the pursuit of our aspiration to build – from out of Ghana – a formidable Financial Services Provider.

Currently, the subsidiaries of BEIGE include:

BEIGE Capital Savings & Loans Ltd. (Retail Banking)

Legacy Pensions Trust Ltd. (Pensions)

BEIGE Assure (Insurance)

BEIGE Capital Asset Management Ltd. (Investment Banking)

Together with our subsidiaries, BEIGE provides direct employment to about 4,000 people. Our businesses together are serving in excess of 500,000 clients and engaging about 30,000 of these on a daily basis.

Though Ghanaian by birth, we are African in our orientation and global in our beliefs.

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