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Starting a Business

/Starting a Business


Banking Products To Consider
Reward Business

It is a special savings account geared towards encouraging individuals and groups to set aside money gradually and for a much longer term.

This is a hybrid savings account. The account is tailored for clients who wish to have a savings account and also have a cheque book for their transactions.

Unique features:
– No account maintenance fees
– A personalized cheque book is given
– Monthly Statements are provided
– A minimum amount of Twenty cedis (GHc 20) is required to open an account

We also offer;
-SMS alert services
-Field cash collection services

Basic Requirements;

  • Valid National ID Card
  • Proof of Residential Address e.g. tenancy agreement/utility bills, resident permit
  • 2 passport pictures


    Office Mortgage

    Are you planning to remodel your office or set-up a new one? Then consider this line of credit to facilitate your needs.

    Application processing is faster if you are already a client of BEIGE Capital.

    Office Mortgage is geared towards assisting micro-entrepreneurs acquire or rent office space. Payment for office space is made directly to the owner of the shop with tenancy right to BEIGE Capital. The maximum tenure is 36 months.

    Basic Requirements
    – Business Registration Documents.
    – You must have been in business for at least 2 years.
    – Cash flow and profitably analysis of the business.
    – Bank Statement and 2 years financials.

    Port Credit

    Port Finance has been designed to assist individuals in their import and export transactions and targets SMEs and Corporate clients.

    Port Finance has been designed to assist individuals in their import and export transactions and targets SMEs and Corporate clients as well as Individuals with good businesses.

    – Loan amount ranges between GHc2,000 and GHc100,000,000.
    – A maximum Loan tenure of 6 months, unless our customer provides a justifiable reason for a much longer tenure.
    – Repayment could be bullet or monthly.

    Basic Requirements
    – Business Registration Documents.
    – Evidence of Shipping and Customs Assessment Documents.
    – Cash flow and profitably analysis of the business.
    – Bank Statement and 3 years audited financials.

    Micro Lease

    We have developed this product to assist micro and small scale enterprises to acquire business assets to help in their operations.

    The target is mainly micro and small businesses. However, SMEs and Corporate clients may also be considered.

    – Loan amount ranges between GHc5,000 and GHc100,000.
    – Maximum loan tenure is 24 months.
    – Monthly or weekly repayment plan is feasible, depending on the cash flow cycle of your business.

    Basic Requirements
    – Business Registration Documents.
    – Proforma Invoice from your Vendor.
    – Cash flow and profitability analysis of the business.
    – Bank Statement and financials.


    This is geared towards providing working capital support for businesses over a fixed period of time. The maximum tenure is 12 months.


    Products To Consider


    Products To Consider
    Workers Policy

    The Workers Plan is an investment linked protection plan designed for every worker in Ghana.
    This offer is specifically designed to suit the future needs of the average worker who wants to enjoy a comfortable life even after retirement since retirement is inevitable. The policy consists of both life cover payable upon the policyholder’s death or total disablement and accumulated value which can be assessed by the policyholder during his/her lifetime.

    Who can buy?

    Any healthy Ghanaian between the ages of 18 and 55 years who earns regular income.


    Benefits of the Policy

    Plan provides a combination of Term Life up to retirement age (i.e. maturity age), and an Investment Fund. Death Benefit proceeds are payable in the event of death of the insured prior to the maturity age, while the policy is in force. The Investment Fund is attached to the life protection benefit as a rider and it is compulsory. The plan will pay the Investment Fund Value to the policy owner on the maturity date. The maturity age is designed to coincide with the retirement age (i.e. policy anniversary nearest the insured’s retirement age 60).


    The Investment Fund, which represents policy owner’s equity in the policy is accumulated through flexible periodic (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) contributions.


    While living, you are provided access to your Accumulation Fund through Loans, Partial withdrawals.

    At retirement age, the entire Accumulation Fund is disbursed to you without the imposition of any surrender charge, and then the policy expires. The Accumulation Fund is disbursed at maturity as a Lump Sum or at the option of you the policy owner as an annual income payable for life and guaranteed for five (5) years or a combination of both.


    Supplementary Benefits are available through Riders and Options.



    Death cover: In the event of death of the insured before maturity, a lump sum comprising of the Sum Assured and the accumulated value is paid to beneficiaries stated by the policyholder

    Personal accident benefit: Unique Life will pay a lump sum to a maximum of the life cover upon death, partial or permanent disability or any dismemberment suffered by the insured as a result of an accident.

    Hospitalization cash benefit: Unique Life will pay daily benefits to the policyholder upon receipt of proof of confinement of the insured in case of an accident or illness. The maximum period for each such confinement for which payment will be made is 180days.

    Group Policy
    • Comprehensive group scheme policies tailored to suit the specific needs of the group.
    • BEIGE Assure Group Schemes offer innovative, affordable benefits and tailor-made co-branded products to lots of satisfied groups such as Corporates, Trade Unions, welfare groups, churches, Educational Insitutions, associations, etc.

    We accommodate smaller and larger groups, and quotations are individually prepared according to the size, nature and requirements of the group.


    Products Products To Consider

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