How We Do Things

– Build From Scratch
– Acquire & Grow
– Investment Partnerships

Over the years we have developed the capacity to execute our business using three distinct approaches;

Since inception until 2015, all of our investment assets were built from scratch. Each of these investments has been built using the model illustrated below:


Establish the Business: Considerable time is spent establishing the business as a system. This process involves establishing the business administration and accounting processes, internal structures and compliance with regulatory requirements. There’s no emphasis on profitability at this stage but rather a process of perfecting the art of the business i.e. “how to do things.”


Build Brand Equity: The next stage of our business development model is the brand building phase. Here we focus on positioning the business to attract attention and also gain visibility. Through a combination of internal and external branding techniques, we are able to create a unique identity for the business upon which we market the business and hopefully promote brand loyalty.


Drive Productivity and Profitability: Our businesses are ready for profitability and growth at this stage. Emphasis here is on compliance with operational procedures, business promotion, employee performance management and general business growth strategies.

TBG has undergone significant change in recent years, completing a successful programme of acquiring two (2) Pensions Trustee firms and a Life Assurance firm. With a focus on delivering complete financial services to our customers, we set our capital management policy to support this agenda.

We remain open to acquisition opportunities within the Finance and Banking sector. Below are brief details of the most recent acquisitions in our portfolio:

➢ Legacy Pensions Trust (LPT)

LPT was incorporated in 2013 under the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766). LPT is regulated by the National Pensions Regulations Authority (NPRA) and is a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).

➢ Unique Life Assurance (ULA)

ULA was incorporated in year 2010 and specializes in Life Assurance. ULA offers a wide array of innovative life insurance products that are in two broad categories:

Universal Life Products
Risk Products.

ULA is regulated by the National Insurance Commission.

➢ Empire Health Insurance (EHI)

EHI was incorporated in the year 2011 and is in the business of offering quality and comprehensive health insurance policies to corporate bodies as well as individuals. Empire Health Insurance has the mandate to conduct business in areas of Healthcare Management, Third Party Administered Schemes and Health Insurance Scheme Management. Empire Health Insurance Limited is regulated by the National Health Insurance Authority.

TBG seeks, identifies and strategically invests a stake in promising ventures at different scales. Any of such strategic investment is made based on the level of commitment of the potential investee to the undertaking, our estimation of the feasibility of the undertaking and the potential benefits of that undertaking to the development of society .

TBG‘s Investment Solutions team alongside prospective investee firms, work closely together to determine the most effective method and appropriate timing to effect such relationships: including determining the level of the strategic minority shareholding that TBG will hold either at once or on a progressive approach.