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Who We Are


BEIGE is a Financial Services Provider. We offer services in Banking, Pensions, Insurance and Investments.

BEIGE was incorporated in 2012 by the founders of BEIGE Capital to serve as the Holding Company for BEIGE Capital as well as other financial services businesses that had already been established by the Founders of BEIGE Capital.

The combined assets of BEIGE and its subsidiaries are in excess of GHS 1.5bn ($375m).

BEIGE has four (4) main subsidiaries
They are:
• BEIGE Capital Savings and Loans (Banking)
• BEIGE Capital Asset Management (Investment Advisory & Funds Management Services)
• Legacy Pensions Trust (Pension Trustee)
• Unique Life Assurance (Life Assurance)

BEIGE is a fully owned Ghanaian institution. Shareholders include the Board of Directors, the CEO and other very distinguished individuals.

About Our Subsidiaries

All our subsidiaries put together have over ninety (90) offices across the ten (10) regions of Ghana.

BEIGE Capital is a Savings and Loans company- i.e. a Tier II Bank. It offers all the services a Universal Bank offers except Forex Transactions.


This investment was started with an initial sum of GH¢ 1M (USD 0.5million) in 2008. Since then, we have increased the equity to GH¢ 120million (USD 30million) and expanded on the outreach of the Bank owing to its impressive year on year results. Currently, the Bank operates with a total asset base in excess of GH¢1bn (USD250m), a clientele number exceeding 500,000, a branch network in excess of 70 nationwide and a staff strength of about 2,000. Average Return on Equity since 2011 has been 17%. This is expected to improve from 2016 and beyond.


The firm was incorporated in 2013 and Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC). BCAM offers the following investment solutions to Corporate Institutions, Individuals, Families, and other Social Groups.

➢ General Investment Management
➢ Pension Funds Management
➢ Wealth Advisory Solutions
➢ Collective Investment Schemes


LPT was incorporated in 2013 under the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766). LPT is regulated by the National Pensions Regulations Authority (NPRA) and it is a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).


ULA was incorporated in 2007 and specializes in Life Assurance. ULA offers a wide array of innovative life insurance products that are in two broad categories:
• Universal Life Products
• Risk Products

Responsible Business

We offer very attractive and competitive interest rates on your retail as well as investment accounts.

You also have the benefit of complementary products from our affiliates- Banking, Pensions, Insurance and Investment.

Finally, you are assured of Group Security. Since each subsidiary belongs to a bigger umbrella, which is BEIGE, the institution draws on the strength and the expertise of the staff of the subsidiaries in the management of your account.

The BEIGE Foundation (TBF) is the Social Responsibility arm of BEIGE. TBF was birthed in 2010 with the sole objective of providing care and support for the youth as well as vulnerable children. TBF does this through the implementation of a variety of programmes that advance the Foundation’s ideals, which include youth development and excellence.
To further advance the ideals of youth development, TBF has launched the Youth Excellence League (YEL).

YEL is a project that seeks, identifies and awards exceptional youth talents. These talents must be able to prove outstanding academic prowess or make non-academic yet identifiable contributions in their respective communities. The Youth Excellence Awards will bring together the crème de la crème of the best brains amongst the youth in the country. Through this project, we seek not only to identify and support these talents but also to push our youth to crave for excellence in all they do.

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Latest News
BEIGE Academy
BEIGE Academy has been established as a specialised talent development centre for our employees. The centre conducts regular training throughout each year.
The BEIGE Talent
We focus on the youth becoming the face of our brand. This is why we introduced The BEIGE Talent Programme which seeks to identify and train youth of the ages 23 years to 27 years.
Our intention is to groom unemployed graduates and continually train them to be acquainted with the real world of work. We motivate and develop these young talents in order to leverage their strengths so that we can maintain a high performance culture.

Our Governance Culture

Ans: Yes
• BCSL is regulated by the Bank of Ghana (BoG).
• BCAM is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana.
• Legacy Pensions Trust is regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Ghana.
• Unique Life Assurance is regulated by the National Insurance Commission, Ghana.
Each subsidiary of BEIGE (i.e. for Banking, Pensions, Insurance, Investments) is governed by an independent Board of Directors. Not only that but also each subsidiary has its own shareholding and organizational structure.
BEIGE, as a firm, is also governed by an independent Board. Each BEIGE subsidiary operates an independent Management Committee which advises the respective Boards on business operations.